Plan through a study of T'ai Chi for your lifelong wellness. T'ai Chi preserves a quality of life from Youth to Eldering.

What you invest now will come back to you in a quality of life! Sign on and learn the Long Form, a self contained exercise routine, which is performed daily in China by many in their nineties.

Toronto T'ai Chi Classes

We have no more than 8 students per instructor and you progress at your own rate. If you miss a class, you pick up where you left off the last time. We specialize in personal coaching!

Beginners' promotion

Your first Tai Chi class is free. Begin anytime, and our small classes and individual attention allow you to progress at your own pace. Train in one, two or three classes per week. Join for six months and get one month for free. Your free Tai Chi class is just a call away!

Beginners Class Schedule

Tuesday: 5:30 - 7:00 pm
Thursday: 6:30 - 8:00pm
Saturday: 11:00 - 12:30pm


At its inception, The Rising Sun School was founded by Paul McCaughey to preserve Master Lee Shiu Pak’s work in Classical Yang Family Tai Chi.

Master Lee:  Lee Shiu Pak was a disciple of renowned Master Chen Wei Ming, studying with him for many years early in the 20th century, in Shanghai. After moving to Montreal, Lee Shiu Pak founded the Montreal Tai Chi Chuan Society, a vibrant group of Tai Chi practitioners who studied and supported each other through Master Lee’s philosophy of Tai Chi Family.  Master Lee graduated many Instructors over the years, and of these, Paul McCaughey of Toronto and Sam Slutsky of Montreal remain active as teachers.

From the beginning, Paul had a great love of teaching the art. Over 30 years, through his dedicated work and training, a Tai Chi Curriculum of study has developed that is remarkable both for its depth and accessibility.

The Fundamental Level of training is much more than an introduction to Tai Chi.  Paul says, “I have always believed that the essence of Tai Chi is already in each person. It is the instructor’s job to reveal that to the student, through helping them to develop their own natural balance and strength”.

Graduation:  After about six months you will graduate with your first stage in T’ai Chi, with both a practise and understanding that will allow you to learn the rest of the 86 movements with a depth and breadth that is not possible unless someone does the fundamentals with you right from the beginning. You will be a truly experienced practitioner and student at this point.

Mastery:  “One of my goals when I started the School was to create a college of peers who would be able to study at depth with each other and teachers who could pass this beautiful gift of Tai Chi on for generations. The Program is designed so that T’ai Chi practise will grow and deepen for many years to come...” says Paul. “I think anyone can do T’ai Chi.  Anyone can attain mastery, with good coaches and the heart to learn!”