The Tradition Of Tai Chi Chuan


Tai Chi Chuan, more often known simply as Tai Chi, is a Chinese discipline whose origins date back to the thirteenth century. T'ai Chi was developed from older martial arts forms by Taoist monks who followed a path of balance and harmony called Tai Chi and wished to employ these same principles in their martial practice. Their efforts gave birth to a form of movement meditation with many uses.

Over the centuries many styles have developed but all adhere to the same natural principles of Yin, Yang and softness.

Tai Chi is an exercise which limbers and tones the muscles as it teaches one how to let go of tension. It is a form of movement meditation which relaxes both mind and body while honing concentration.

Tai Chi is a gentle path of healing for those rehabilitating from chronic illness, hospitalization or injury. By releasing and increasing the natural flow of breath and blood, the organs, tissues, and cells are cleansed of toxins and saturated with the life force energy.

Tai Chi is a martial art for those who pursue the way of yielding in the face of force. Tai Chi teaches us how we may return this force with subtlety and accuracy without the sacrifice of our integrity.

Tai Chi is a philosophical path which encourages empathy, openness and a creative/receptive balance of both thought and action.

The Rising Sun School teaches the Yang Family system of Tai Chi Chuan in the tradition of Master Lee Shiu Pak who taught in Montreal between the 1960's and 1982. Our emphasis is on small classes, personal coaching, strong foundation work, and a rate of progress that is student-centred. One of our goals is to take students beyond rote practice into a grasp of principles as early in their learning experience as possible, so that comprehension evolves to greater depth as it also evolves in breadth. All of our instructors have many years of experience and undergo lengthy and rigorous training.