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The Key to Lifelong Wellness

Tai Chi preserves a quality of life from Youth to Eldering. What you invest now will come back to you in a rich and rewarding quality of life! Sign on and learn the Tai Chi Long Form, a self-contained exercise routine, which is performed daily in China and around the world by many in their nineties.

Toronto Tai Chi Classes

We have no more than 8 students per instructor and you progress at your own rate. If you miss a class, you pick up where you left off the last time. We specialize in personal coaching!

Classes are 75 minutes long. Please bring indoor shoes, kung fu slippers, or socks. No outside shoes are allowed in the training hall.


Beginner's Promotion!

Come enjoy a complementary class and experience what Tai Chi is all about.

Every new student gets one free month!

Call ahead or drop in to any of the Foundation classes. Contact us to learn more.

Group Classes

Memberships are on 6-month cycles: Sept 15 - Feb 15 and Mar 15 - Aug 15. We have two options based on how many classes you attend per week. If you pay for one year up-front, you receive one month of classes for free!

6-month Unlimited Membership

6-month Once-a-Week Membership

8-class Pack

Private Training

One-on-one classes with a highly trained practitioner and instructor of the school. Material and structure of each session is tailored to you. Contact us for fees and scheduling.


How To Pay


Master Class

Monday 6:30-7:45pm


Come study with the head of the school, Sifu Paul McCaughey, every Monday evening. Advanced training in Tai Chi form, applications and philosophy are the heart of this class. During the summer, we move outside to learn weapons forms.


Tuesday 5:30-6:45pm
Thursday 6:30-7:45pm
Saturday 11am-12:15pm


If you are brand new to the school, this is the place to start! Small class size means that you have many opportunities for one-on-one guidance. Each class includes simple introductory exercises, an unique and easy-to-learn Qi Gong Breath Set, walking exercises and Tai Chi form practice. This class takes you in-depth through the first of three stages in the Tai Chi Yang-family Long Form and gives you the necessary foundation for all the other classes offered at Rising Sun.

Tai Chi Form

Wednesday 1:00-2:15
Wednesday 6:30-7:45pm
Sunday 11am-12:15pm


In these classes, students continue their study of the 108 movements of the Tai Chi Long Form. Class time focuses heavily on individual progress through form work. Depending on the interest of the students, instructors dive into boxing applications and push hands to help bring the form to life. Students also learn a new Qi Gong exercise to enrich their practice.


Tuesday 7-8:15pm


If you are looking for more depth to your practice, our weekly Tai Chi boxing class is the next step. The form was always designed as a solo practice that hones your skills for partner work. Safety, respect and compassion are paramount in this class, as students explore the movements and lessons of Tai Chi in the ever-changing dynamics of real life interactions. Tai Chi boxing is not only a powerful self-defense, it is a training ground for healing the nervous system, learning respect for others and becoming a master of your body and emotions.


Saturday 12:30-1:45pm
By registration only*


Learn multiple real-life applications for every movement in the Tai Chi form. Through solo drills and extensive partner work, this training brings clarity to your form. The applications are basis of self-defense and to understanding how the Tai Chi form teaches your body to use power efficiently and kindly. Whether or not you ever plan to use Tai Chi martially, the applications brings a depth and clarity to your form work that is unparalleled. 

Instructor Training


Sifu Paul McCaughey founded The Rising Sun School to ensure the preservation of his teacher's exceptional work. The high quality of the master's expectations shows up in every Foundation class, where some instructors have been with the school for over 25 years. Each of our instructors started out just like you and bring a unique and delightful flavour to the teachings.